About The Arrive Five

The Arrive Five is a student organized five day run/walk challenge. All proceeds will go to Arrive Ministries, an affiliate of World Relief who is one of nine nationwide resettlement agencies working with the U.S. State Department. Arrive Ministries is a faith based organization with a mission of living out God’s command to welcome refugees and immigrants. The goal of this charity run challenge is not only to raise money for Arrive Ministries but also to spread accurate information about who refugees are and how they contribute positively to our communities to combat xenophobia.


About Arrive Ministries

Arrive Ministries is...

  • a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of the refugee and immigrant

  • a ministry that empowers local churches and individuals to welcome and serve displaced refugees who resettle in Minnesota

  • stories that need telling – stories of men, women, and children surviving adversity and enriching our lives as they become our neighbors and friends

  • an Affiliate Ministry of Transform Minnesota and a partner with World Relief an international humanitarian organization


About Us

Lucca Carlson & Austin Hunter

We are seniors at Minnetonka High School and captains of the Minnetonka Boys Cross Country team. We began working on the Arrive Five back in December of 2019 and while it looks quite different from our original plan, we are super excited to see the impact of the virtual mileage challenge. Outside of running, Lucca is a member of Student Government and Austin is an IB Diploma Candidate. Both Lucca and Austin are leaders of Interact Club and enjoy volunteering in their community.

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