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Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the Arrive Five!
Each daily email will contain a refugee fact, a story, one way to get involved, and more information about an Arrive Ministries program. Be sure to log your mileage ran/walked to enter to win prizes. The focus of today’s refugee fact is clarifying what exactly refugee means...


Day 2

Great work yesterday everybody! 125 people logged nearly 700 miles yesterday as we started the challenge! Keep it up to reach your goal! The focus of today’s refugee fact is displaced children. UNHCR estimates that about 40% of the world’s displaced people are under the age of 18. 3.7 million refugee children are out of school, and only about 24% of children with refugee status are enrolled in secondary schools...


Day 3

We are halfway through the challenge! 164 people have logged over 1500 miles the past two days. Keep it up these next three days to reach your goal! Need inspiration? Check out some of our awesome prizes from our sponsors Lakes Running Co and Under Armour... 


Day 4

Two days left of running and walking for refugees! 174 people have logged over 2,270 miles the past three days. Are your shoes starting to wear out as the miles add up? Are you looking for some more comfortable running/walking apparel? Remember that all Arrive Five participants will receive 15% off shoes and apparel at Lakes Running Co...

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Day 5

We’ve reached the last day of the Arrive Five! We hope you’ve enjoyed the challenge, and we’re so grateful for your participation. Check out our list of "thank you"s at the bottom of this email to see some people whose help we are especially thankful for...

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